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Find a home in Barcelona

The real estate market in Barcelona is very complex and it sometimes might be a tiring and frustrating process especially when you are not familiar with the city, language and culture.

Worry no more. We will find your perfect home in Barcelona, based on your budget, preferences, personality and desired location. We are locals who know the city like the back of our hands and we will make perfect real estate personal shoppers.

This service includes

  • Searching for flats according to your needs.

  • Calling the agencies or the owner(s) of the properties and setting up a visit timetable.

  • Visiting the properties for you, if you are not in town, or with you once you are in Barcelona.

  • Taking our own photos and videos in order to show you every corner of the property.

  • Making recommendations about the area, the visited flat and its conditions.

  • Legal assessment and review of the rental contract, in case of lease agreements.

Review of rental agreements

We know renting an apartment in a new country where you don’t speak the language comes with challenges. That’s why we want to make this process easier and safer for you.

This service includes

  • Complete legal assessment and review of the rental agreement before signing it.


We are sure you have heard the word “Empadronamiento” before. Just so you know, the Empadronamiento (Padrón Municipal de Habitantes) is a municipal register or census record. Registering on the padrón places a resident of a town on the list of local inhabitants, so the registrant is considered an official member of the community. “Empadronarse” is the word we use to express the registration on the Padrón.

This Certificado de Empadronamiento may be required in case of getting married; applying for the NIE number or for the residency; applying for a health insurance card; registering a child in school or buying or selling a vehicle.

Also, have in mind that it is mandatory to register for anyone who plans to live in Spain more than six months in a year. If that is your case, hit us up!

This service includes

  • Assessment in the obtention of the Certificate and accompaniment to the office, if requested.

Land Registry search - "nota simple"

A simple note or “nota simple” is a document which provides information on the identity of the owner/s of a property, its location, surface, nature and charges or encumbrances.

This document will allow you to know in detail the charges, such as mortgage loans, or debts that burden a property, being that of a great importance if you plan to purchase a property in Spain.

This service includes

  • Submission of the request to the Land Registry Office and a basic translation to the client of the documentation obtained.