Welcome to the Club​

Hi there. Make yourself at home.

You might be wondering what is this Club thing about. Let us explain it to you. As you know, this is not just an immigration law firm. This is an international community. So, whether you just landed in, or you have been in our beloved city before, here you will find some cool and interesting tips about Barcelona.

And remember, if there is anything you need advice on or any particular topic that you would fancy knowing more about, let us know and we will address it!

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Your friends, your lawyers
and now your local guides too.

Cool places to visit, to eat and to mingle in Barcelona. Interesting conversations with those who came before you and that are now proud Barcelonians. Events that we will organise in order to meet up with you and get to know each other. Cool  business projects and initiatives created by young entrepreneurs that we admire. 

Just some super useful blog posts.

Don’t say we are not helpful. Here you have some blog post we have written for you. In case you have trouble with rental agreements; you lack the inspiration to find other places to work from outside home or you are new in town and you want to survive the city free of tourist traps, take a look at them.