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Sabemos que contratar alguien para gestionar este tipo de asuntos es una decisión importante.

Confiar en tu instinto forma parte de la ecuación, pero sin duda siempre es útil conocer la opinión otros clientes.

Esta es tan solo una pequeña muestra de las cosas que dicen de nosotros nuestros increíbles clientes. Esperamos poder poner tu comentario muy pronto.


I can only recommend the services of Blanca [Founder]. When I arrived in Barcelona in mid 2015, she had set up appointments with a lot of different agencies in the city, in order to find the perfect apartment. With her knowledge of the city, she even set up a timetable, that were doable for a person, not used to the chaos that can be in a big a city as Barcelona and she made sure the agents spoke English.
Blanca has also done a very nice job of translating official documents for me. Eg. she translated my work contract from English to Spanish, which in my case was needed to get a NIE. If there were any doubt of context from her side, she asked for a in depth explanation, instead of guessing, which was very comforting. 
Blanca has always replied to messages in a fast manner, and sent messages to check up if everything was okay.
Therefore; everyone I talk to that thinks of moving to Barcelona, I recommend including Blanca in the process.

Kim B.

IT Consultant from Denmark

Blanca [Founder] assisted me in the process of getting my NIE-number, when I moved from Norway to Barcelona this fall. Because of her I saved a lot of time and energy and the process, which is usually quite challenging for a foreigner, went unexpectedly smooth. 

She guided me through the process, told me exactly what documents I had to prepare, booked appointments and even went along with me to the various places I had to visit. She knows the rules/law and how the system works and speaks fluent Catalan, which I would say was a great advantage in this case. 

In addition to be very well organised and professional, she has a lot of patience and empathy and always showed up with a smile ready to charm whoever we met. 

I can warmly recommend Blanca to anyone who needs help navigating through Spanish bureaucracy.

Mattias O.

Project Leader IT in Services from Sweden

Blanca [Founder] has helped me and my whole family out in the well known and complex process of getting a NIE in a really professional way. 

I would definitely recommend her as a lawyer just for the fact that she is an honest person and I don’t take this for granted in this business.

Federico P.

Account Manager from Italy

I went to Barcelona a couple of years ago to live a good life. To have a good life, you need a job or at least some kind of income and in Barcelona as a foreigner you need a NIE-number. It was impossible for me because I didn’t speak any Spanish and all of the office workers didn’t speak any English. After a couple of days being thrown from one office to another and back to the first one again without any progress, I was very fortunate to get in touch with Blanca [Founder]. She went with me to all the offices, and when some of them tried to send me away because they didn’t want to help me, Blanca made sure I got what I wanted. She didn’t take no for an answer and I got the NIE-number within a couple of days. If it hadn’t been for Blanca I never would have been able to get a job in Spain. And to top it all off, Blanca is the nicest, most understanding and passionate  woman I’ve ever met – once again, thank you, Blanca!

Inge M.

Journalist from Denmark

Without a doubt a lifesaver! Moving to another county is often a big decision and a lot of questions and issues often occur – settling down in Barcelona was no exception. 

After moving here without a big knowledge of the Spanish language and how things works, I reached out to Blanca [Founder]. Probably one of my best decisions until today, because she managed to make me feel welcome and helped me out with more than I could imagine. 

Everything from getting registered at all the necessary public offices, to handling internet connection and telephone, hiring moving people and giving good advices about the city. 

Always available, always with a smile and not least very competent in everything she does. 

Highest recommendations.

Karsten K.

Tax Company Manager from Denmark

Blanca [Founder] is a serious and decisive professional. I’m glad I hired her to advise me and manage my immigration process. She has always been kind and has been willing to support me in what was needed. Doing such a process is emotionally exhausting, but doing it with her help makes it much easier.

Angelita B.

Publicist from Perú

Blanca [Founder] reviewed my rental agreement before I signed it and she found some items which were either not exactly by the governing law or otherwise not totally acceptable. She made the review and suggested the corrections promptly and they were accepted by the property owner’s lawyer with no complications.

I will most likely contact Blanca again in case I will face any issues with future legal issues in Spain.

Juha K.

Head of Standards & Procedures,
Technical pilot and Airline Captain from Finland

Blanca [Founder] has helped me attaining my «tarjeta de identidad de extranjero». To me it seemed impossible to get a timeslot at one of the bureaus in charge to apply for my foreigner card, but Blanca managed to get me an appointment. She not only helped me prepare all necessary documents but also accompanied me to the appointment and stood in when I had trouble communicating with the officer.

Her service is quick and effective and saves time and nerves. Highly recommended!

Nikolaus H.

Sales Manager from Germany

During our reallocation to Barcelona from Denmark Blanca [Founder] assisted us in finding, assessing and recommending an apartment for us. 

Her deep knowledge about the contractual terms and her fluency in both Catalan and English helped us greatly. 

We had a very nice experience with Blanca as a legal consultant. Blanca comes with our warmest recommendations. 

Kasper T.

Customer Solutions Director from Denmark

Blanca [Founder] has my highest and warmest recommendation for helping with obtaining a NIE-card and to help register as an unemployed in Barcelona. 

Blanca is very professional, efficient and helpful in her approach and has a strong and likeable personality. Blanca knows both Spanish and Catalan, which is a tremendous advantage because it is very much appreciated and people are warmer towards you. 

Every caseworker we visited loved Blanca. It was like we got a special treatment, which turned a rather bureaucratic process (in the eyes of a Dane) into a smooth one.

Nina K.

IT Consultant from Denmark